P&G stole the show on Juneteenth

I feel that a post acknowledging that the coronavirus has been lowered to number 2 on the list of biggest problems in America is necessary.

Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati-based hygiene products company) thought the same thing.

So when ABC-TV did a news special on Juneteenth, P&G bought out the first two ad slots to show commercials addressing racism rather than selling products. (Note: I agree that Juneteenth should be a national holiday AND I think that the U.S. should designate a federal holiday to honor its ethnic diversity.)

P&G showed these during the news special:

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your answers in the comments)

What day do you think should be America's national holiday to honor its diversity and why?


  1. While it is nice to think that "love is all they see" and to claim that "we see equal," and to believe that we should aspire to "choose equal" and be the equitable country we say we are - the issue is that we don't. We don't live and have never lived in a colorblind society - and when someone says they don't see race, they are lying. We do see race - all of us! And race has consequences - for white people the consequences are positive, and for black and brown people they are not. One should not need to be a "judge" to get respect - one should get respect because they are human. And while I do appreciate that companies are finally taking notice - we must take it to the next level. And making Juneteenth a national holiday, though symbolic, would be a place to start.


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