A few good quotes

"Apathy is a pandemic. Empathy is the vaccine."   - to teen filmmaker Ella Fields on a Zoom call "The good news is that it could make her a star. The bad news is that it could make her a star."   - in reference to an actress I was writing a role for "I wonder sometimes if we'll ever understand that we're all connected. We are one." - from my Medium story "Holly's Notebook" "I have a past and no way to erase it. I have a future, and I need to chase it." - lyrics of my song "Forward," from my screenplay "78 Percent" "If there's no police, they say, they're going to have to devote a lot of time and energy to creating an entirely new job to stop people from doing wrong. That's not necessary. The job that's going to stop people from doing wrong already exists, because this job is our teachers. We need to increase funding for them, so that they can devote entire class periods to teaching ou

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