12 Scrabble Words That Shouldn’t Be Acceptable

I love word games. And there’s no better word game than Scrabble. Scrabble accepts thousands of words. But some are just strange, so strange that they just shouldn’t be valid words. According to the 2017 Scrabble Dictionary, Scrabble is jampacked with so many strange words. There are so many like that, showing their low standards, but I only had enough qi to find 12.

Here they are:

  1. Za. This is defined as “a slang term for pizza that originated in the Southern California campuses in the 1980s”. I don’t think it is. Scrabble just took a syllable and tried to pass it off as a slang term.
  2. Zzz. As in the “sound” of sleep. First of all, why is “zzz” accepted but not “zzzz” or “zzzzz”? Also, a Scrabble set containes only one Z. So you’d have to burn both blanks, worth zero points, to make “zzz”, making “zzz” worth only ten points, same as a bajillion other words.
  3. Mo. As in “just a mo.” Never heard a moment called a “mo”? Well, neither have I. What’s next, “min”? (“Sec” is legit, though.)
  4. Wo. Means the same thing as “woe”. Now they’re accepting misspelled words. Wo is me.
  5. Cee. As in the spelling of the letter C. I knew you could spell the letter C, but I thought you just spelled it “C”, not “cee”. To make matters worse, there’s “dee” (the letter D), “ef” (the letter F), and “aych” (the letter H).
  6. Luv. Yet another misspelled word. It means “to love”. Plus you must awkwardly double the V to make “luvved” and “luvving”.
  7. Rei. Probably the most indefensible word in the game. “Rei”, not to be confused with everyone’s favorite Star Wars girl, is “an erroneous English form for a former Portuguese coin”. If it’s so erroneous, then why the [CENSORED] is it acceptable?
  8. Sox. Unless you’re a baseball fan in southern Chicago or Boston, you probably don’t want this to be a word. It’s a Scrabble-accepted plural of “sock”, but it’s obviously a misspelling.
  9. Tix. And if you want to see the White Sox play, you’ll have to buy some tix. Enough said.
  10. Pard. Defined as “a leopard”. Like “za” and “mo”, this is just a syllable. And why would slang names for zoo animals even exist?
  11. Zombify. To turn into a zombie. If there ever was a zombie apocalypse, then you’d be too busy trying to escape the zombies to use a pointless and idiotic word like “zombify”.
  12. Serjeant. Yes, “sergeant” with a J. It’s valid.