5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Month of April

When April comes around, there’s always nice weather. And this April features a bunch of special occasions in my family. I’m only a teenager, so my chains are still holding me back, but at least there’s these events:

  1. Gonzaga faces off against North Carolina in the college basketball national championship game. April 3, 9:20 eastern, CBS. My money’s on the Tar Heels.
  2. Sesame Street adds a new regular Muppet character. In 2011, Sesame Street introduced a food insecure Muppet named Lily in a special teaching kit and video that you could only order online, but Lily never appeared on the actual show. In 2012, they introduced Alex, a Muppet whose dad was in jail. He appeared in special teaching kits and videos that you could only order online, but never on the actual show. Then in 2015, the show, with a little help from a family friend, Jennifer Cook O’Toole, introduced an autistic Muppet named Julia, who got the same treatment as Alex and Lily… at first. But then, after angry letters poured in, Sesame Workshop decided to make Julia a regular on the show, and she will make her first appearance on the show in the episode “Meet Julia”, airing on PBS and HBO simultaneously at 10:30 AM Eastern on Monday, April 10. Be sure to tune in for the debut of this amazing new character!
  3. Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Blare the Star Wars theme music, because these adorable little freaks are headed to Orlando too! I don’t know that much about Star Wars Celebration and what I’ll do there, except that I’ll be getting a picture with Mark Hamill! Other guests include Ray Park, Daisy Ridley, Warwick Davis, Felicity Jones, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams, Ian McDiarmid...the list goes on!
  4. The NBA playoffs start April 15. Cavs-Warriors round 3 in the finals, anyone? But I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Spurs or Rockets or Raptors try to make a statement.
  5. Scrabble Day. Since I am the zaniest Scrabble serjeant on my street (at least), I will be glad to participate in a family tournament while we’re in Orlando. Scrabble Day is April 13, and I hope I have enough qi flowing through me, and enough za to eat, when I play.