12 Scrabble Words That SHOULD Be Acceptable, But Aren't

A few months ago I did a list of 12 Scrabble Words That Shouldn't Be Acceptable, like "za" and "zzz".
Now, I give you 12 words that are not Scrabble-accepted, but should be.

1. Niggardly. Meaning "stingily", this word used to be acceptable, but was banned in 2013. I guess because it sounds too much like a well-known racial slur? It's an innocent word that should be legit, and the letters aren't that hard to get.

2. Kwyjibo. Yes, this Simpsons-coined word, defined as "a fat, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin", should really be acceptable. It could get you a lot of points, and could even evolve new meanings. Kwyjibo could come to mean "a Fox News-watching conservative senior citizen that is almost always in a grouchy mood."

3. Trumpify. Meaning "to preach hate and use other people's fears for your own advantage." I sense many conservatives may have just stopped reading my post.

4. Friday. Friday is banned because it's a proper noun. But the negative attention that Rebecca Black got for her single "Friday" in 2011 could give "friday" all kinds of new meanings. For example:
  • To unintentionally annoy people. My younger siblings have a habit of fridaying me.
  • To experience massive backlash after posting something online. That Lowes commercial is fridaying online because of the stereotypes it displays.
5. Leftshark. Meaning to become an Internet meme. "That photo has really leftsharked!"

6. Truthiness. As I'm typing this Colbert-coined word, I see that it made it past spell check. Enough said.

7. Tnetennba. This made-up word from a British sitcom has already evolved meanings.

Meaning 1: A word possessing no other function except to attract traffic to a website.
Meaning 2: Someone who looks up words that have been artificially created for the purpose of comedy.

I guess I'm a tnetennba.

8. Farmerous. When you take a census, you count how many people have a certain career. You count how many doctors there are. And you count the farmers, so you can see which region is the most farmerous.

9. iPadry. The use of an iPad is called "iPadry", if you ask me. I am good with my iPadry, but my father is more proficient at it.

10. Pimp. "Pimp" is on the offensive list and has been since 1997. But "pimpmobile" is legit. If "pimpmobile" is in fact legit, then "pimp" should be too. Made even stranger in that the unacceptable word "pimp" passes spell check, but the acceptable word "pimpmobile" does not.

11. Escuela. Hola, adios, and amigo are all legit. But "escuela" is probably used to mean "school" nearly as often - at least in my experiences. (Also, I can't think of "escuela" without thinking of a Sesame Street sketch from 2005:

Grover: Escuela means.... FISHBOWL!
Kids: (in unison) No, Professor Grover! Escuela means school!

12. Ushnuu. Ushnuu is a word coined by Alex P. Keaton in an episode of Family Ties. Alex says that it's Greek for "towel off". I ushnuu after every shower and always think of Alex's word when I ushnuu. Ushnuu is also a good word because it gets rid of your Us. As for my loyal blog readers, I would never try to get rid of you. You do not need a Q to be useful (and maybe the U in Scrabble doesn't either).


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