10 Board Game Tie-Ins I'd Like to See

Recently there has been a surge of licensed board games like Transformers Risk, Marvel Guess Who, and Harry Potter Clue. With that rush to slap your franchise onto a popular board game, there are a few tie-ins of board games that need to happen but haven't yet. Let's look at some hopes for hilarious board game tie-ins and/or adaptations that need to become real things, in no particular order.

1. 2-Player Risk: American Presidential Election Edition. Considering that last year's presidential election might have been the second American Civil War, it would be a fun exercise in teaching about the American political system if this was real. You'd have a Republican army and a Democrat army, and they try to rule enough states to get the 270 to win. Unrealistic but cool. You could have it in schools for educational purposes.

2. Healthy Land. It's like Candy Land, but for parents worried about their kids' health. Watch as your kids have fun tromping through a land of fruits and vegetables. Just watch them.

3. Eels and Escalators. This "Chutes and Ladders"-ish game that SpongeBob SquarePants plays needs to be real. So many fans of the show have already demanded it. My only problem with this is, it may not make much sense, considering you will almost never see an eel and an escalator in the same place. But who ever said board games had to make sense?

4. Monopolyopoly. In which each property on the Monopoly board is a different popular licensed Monopoly game. So instead of Virginia Avenue and Atlantic Avenue you have to buy (and put hotels on) Horse Lover's Monopoly and Star Wars Monopoly. Perfect for people who want to own every one of the 2,000 existing versions of Monopoly (and love them all).

5. The Price is Wheel of Jeopardy Feud - Home Version. Recently game shows have done in-a-box home versions so people can "play" the shows at home without having to watch them. But this mash-up between the four most popular game shows of all time really needs to be a household essential. I don't know how it would work, though. The four shows are all so different.

6. Connect Eight. Double-size a classic and make it tougher. Enough said.

7. Celebrity Guess Who. 
"Did your actor star in Star Wars?"
"Is she still alive?"
"Is she under 30?"
"Is she British?"
"Daisy Ridley!"
"You got it!"

8. Upside-Down Pictionary. Draw whatever you have to draw upside down, but the guesser can't turn upside down to guess it. Or would that be too challenging?

9. Seinfeld Taboo. "Ask Me Another'' once played a Seinfeld-themed version of Taboo on their program, in which the clue-givers said things like "You can't have any of this hot food because I'm a mean restaurant owner." The answer of course being, "No soup for you." If Ask Me Another endorses it, it needs to be a real game.

10. Leo Finelli The Game of Life. 
"Oh, look, what does it mean when I land on "Three Day Long Desire to Contact a Little-Known Hollywood Female?" Confusing, but I'd be flattered.