10 Worst Wheel of Fortune Fails

I usually tune in for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! every night, be it on NBC in Charlotte, FOX in Ocean City, MD, CBS at Litchfield Beach, SC, or ABC in Columbia, SC. (Both shows are syndicated.)

But Wheel of Fortune has been pretty outrageous lately. Here are some relatively recent mis-solves of puzzles that I found hilarious.

10. Solution to the puzzle: "Corner curio cabinet"
Missolved as: "Corno curo cabinet" He mangled the words.

9. Solution to the puzzle: "Mythological hero Achilles"
Missolved as: "Mythological hero Aikyllus" (The entire puzzle was solved, the guy just had to call it out, and he mispronounced "Achilles". You have to pronounce every word correctly.)

8. Solution to the puzzle: "Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy, and Sleepy"
Missolved as: "Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Sneaky, and Sleepy"
There's no dwarf named Sneaky.

7. Solution to the puzzle: "Self portrait"
Missolved as: "Self potato"

6. Solution to the puzzle: "Surf city here we come"
Missolved as: "Surf clay where we go"
And the entire last word, "come", was already clear.

5. Solution to the puzzle: "The Painted Desert"
Missolved as:"The Pointed Desert"
And then someone bought an O and missolved it again as "The Pointed Desert". Pat had to sort of yell, "No, it is NOT "The Pointed Desert!"

4. Solution to the puzzle: "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Missolved as: Not missolved, but a contestant did guess a K when only the M was left, implying that he thought it was "A Streetcar Naked Desire".

3. Solution to the puzzle: "Magic Wand"
Missolved as: "Magic hand? Magic band. Magic...kand, sand, vand, yand. Magic fand! Magic pand! Magic jand. Mand. Wand. (time runs out) Oh, wand! Awwww!" 
He finally got "wand", but his ten seconds were up. (It was the Bonus Round.) I would have gotten it immediately. (Who ever heard of a magic jand?)

2. Solution to the puzzle: "A group of well-wishers"
Missolved as: "A group of pill-pushers"
The puzzle read: A GRO_P O_  _ _LL-_ _ SH_RS. The guy guessed "pill-pushers" even though all the Ps had been plugged in. When this episode originally aired on October 26, 1999, the blunder was censored by a 10-second commercial.

1. Solution to the puzzle: "I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash"
Missolved as: "I Have the Wine by Johnny Cash"
The puzzle read: I  _A_ _ THE _INE BY _OHNNY _A_H. The Hs and Es were in, so the contestant should've known the second word was not "have". But under pressure, you might not be aware.

So my list is complete. I'm at the beach right now, and I've been watching Wheel. I'm also hoping one of the beachwear stores sells a yand.

Or a jand.

Or I could just work on my self-potato, whatever that would look like.