Some Family Feud Answers That Worked Too Well, Not Well Enough, or Were Just Off the Wall...(Clean Answers Only)

Yet again, I am doing a post on game shows - this time Family Feud, which has been airing since 1976 and I've accounted for some of the most bizarre answers in show history. So let's cut to the chase, here they are (share these with your friends):

Name a yellow fruit. "Orange."

Name a part of the telephone. "The bottom part."

Name something Russia is famous for. "Russians."

Name an animal with three letters in its name. "Alligator."

In what month of a woman's pregnancy does she begin to look pregnant? "September."

Name a type of bear. "Papa."

Real or fictional, name a famous Willy. "Willy the Pooh."

Name a part of your body that begins with the letter N. "Name."

Name something a doctor might pull out of a person during a surgical procedure. "A gerbil."

Name a word that rhymes with "dinky". "Dwinky."

Fill in the blank: Purple ______. "Nurple."

Fill in the blank: Pie in the ______. "Horse."

Name another way people say "mother". "Grandpa."

Name a man's name that begins with the letter H. "Jose."

Fill in the blank: Pork _______. "Cupine."

Name a man's name that begins with the letter K. "Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Name something you would find in a birdcage other than a bird. "Hamster."

Name something that comes with a summer storm. "Snow."

Aside from your house or your car, what's the most expensive thing you own? "Car."

Name a reason you might stay indoors on a sunny day. "Because it's raining."

Name something that comes in sevens. ''Fingers''.

Name a fruit that comes in more than one color. "Jell-O."

Name a popular Halloween costume. "Santa Claus."

Name a noisy bird. "Chipmunk."

Name a state that begins with the letter M. "Mexico."

Name a country in South America. "Africa."

Name a state with the word "New" in it. "New Braska."

Name an occupation in which helicopters are used. "Tuna fishing."

Give me another word for "zero". "Infinity."

Name a landmark in New York City. "The Eiffel Tower."

Name an occupation that begins with the letter J. "Jackhammerer."

Name a sport that isn't played with a ball. "Bowling."

Tell me one thing you know about Barack Obama. "He's a Republican."

Tell me a bird that begins with the letter P. "Flamingo."

Name a famous rabbit. "Barney."

Name something that inevitably has to happen but you don't want it to. "The end of this post."