Nobody: The Person of the Year 2018

Yes, nobody.

This is not a symbolism of any cultural movement or phenomenon. I'm just not naming a Person of the Year this year.

And it's not because I feel the need to do other things; it's just that naming a Person of the Year last year had a purpose. This year, it doesn't.

Last year, Time named "The Silence Breakers" (aka all the women who spoke out against sexual harassment and assault) the Person of the Year. I was genuinely angry. Feminism had dominated the year's news even before the fall of #MeToo. Wonder Woman was the #1 movie. The Handmaid's Tale was the #1 TV show. (It wasn't a "real" TV show, but that's another post.) Fearless Girl was the #1 work of public art (?) The Women's March in January (which is misnamed; an essay about its misnaming will be posted in due time) attracted millions around the world. In my opinion, Time should have named "The Woman" or "The Feminist" as their Person of the Year.

And that's why I named Fearless Girl my Person of the Year. Because she encapsulated the whole year's feminism news into a 50-inch bronze statue. I hoped to mediate my feelings about Time's choice by doing that post.

But after Time chose "The Guardians" (aka journalists who were killed, targeted, or denounced for their work) as Person of the Year, I have no such anger. I do not need to mediate disagreement by naming my own Person of the Year.

That's why is not naming a Person of the Year in 2018.

And presumably, only when I'm unhappy with Time's choice will name a Person of the Year - and this year, I can accept that choice.