A song that's as powerful as it is catchy

This is Nat Zegree. He is a composer and lyricist. A few years ago, he wrote the music and lyrics for a new musical with his friend Eric Holmes, who also helped him out with the lyrics.

The musical hasn't gone to Broadway yet, but it needs to, as evidenced here by the show's title theme, "Fly More Than You Fall."

This is a song that is not only catchy, but it might be the song we all need to hear right now.

"Fly More Than You Fall" had a tryout production in Utah late last year. The show centers around Malia, a teenager with a juicy pen and a creative mind whose time at Camp Write-a-Lotta gets cut short when her parents deliver the news: Her mom is sick.

In response, Malia revises the story she's been writing about Willow, an insecure yet hopeful bird. Willow loves her friend Flynn dearly, but decides to leave him behind. She wants to see what it's like at the top of the mountain.

Malia tells the story to her mother, who says that it doesn't make sense for Willow to leave a friend behind. But as Malia faces her sick mother, she knows that sometimes the people we love do leave us behind...

Musical theater can be an escape, but it can also confront the problems we're facing head-on, as evidenced by the recent and critically acclaimed "Dear Evan Hansen."

Perhaps Nat Zegree and Eric Holmes have unintentionally written a show about the crisis in which we find ourselves now. There's a lot of grief just from the loss of an ability to have eventful gatherings. When we can't do something that we never surmised that we'd be unable to do, it's a genuine and heartfelt loss.

But we never know what life will throw at us, and the only way to respond when life throws the unprecedented at us is to do what that immensely catchy song says.

May it get stuck in your head until the crisis subsides.

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