A thought-provoking poem

My friend Callie, from Central Piedmont Community College, wrote this poem for a school assignment we did as a class:

I sat in the tub of warm sudsy water. 
She bathed me, thorough yet gentle.
She lifted me up and out.
She wrapped me with a big fluffy towel.
A kiss on the cheek, a pat on the head,
"Go brush your teeth," she said.

My cousin sat in the tub of warm sudsy water.
She bathed her, repeatedly and rough.
She lifted her out just the same.
She smeared bleach cream all over her body
Until my cousin's eyes said "Enough is enough."
A kiss on the cheek, a pat on the head.
"Go brush your teeth too," she said.

We stood there brushing our teeth in silence.
But the questions in our minds were so loud.
I think we both realized...

Her skin was a few shades darker than mine.
It never bothered us, so why should it bother anyone else?
You see, Grandmother grew up in a different day and age
When people were not very kind.
She thought she was doing the right thing,
Not realizing the internal external sting.

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your responses in the comments)

Do you think that the world withstanding the COVID-19 pandemic is going to make people kinder? Will people's feelings after this is all over be a big leap forward for world harmony?

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