Another reason to not want to leave your house...

WARNING: Do not read the following retelling of a news story if it is evening, night, raining, or about to rain.

Last Wednesday, reports of a previously unknown cryptid surfaced in Wisconsin. In Janesville, WI, near the Illinois border, a resident reported that while they, like all of us, were stuck in their houses, they noticed, through their upstairs windows, a creature with a pitch-black human body, a dragon head, and bat wings. (I am not going to post a picture of the creature looking into a window, as it would be too frightening.)

The creature left after a few minutes during which the entire family looked at it in horror and shock while emitting blood-curdling screams. The police were called, and they promised to keep an eye out for the creature.

By Saturday, more sightings had been reported in Minnesota, Indiana, and Michigan, as well as numerous reports in Wisconsin and Illinois. The creatures would always show up at an upstairs window - sometimes in evening hours - and would hang at the window for anywhere from "15 seconds" to "a few minutes," looking inside the houses.

Police were on high alert.

Then, just yesterday, some Wisconsin state troopers were doing other business in the Kenosha-Racine area, and received a call saying that the monster had just appeared at the window of a suburban house. The call gave the address, and the police rushed over in time to see the creature looking into a backyard window. The monster's appearance - a dragon head, bat wings, and a pitch-black human body - matched the descriptions given all over the Upper Midwest.

But when the police ran to stand below the window, the creature looked down at them, and when he did so, his head fell off, revealing the face of a 19-year-old college student.

The young man was helped to the ground by the officers. He then spilled the beans. He and his Marquette University frat buddies had purchased the dragon masks and giant bat wings the day after Halloween of last year at an everything-must-go sale. Right before being dispersed from Marquette University (in Milwaukee, WI) to work at home, the students conspired to dangle in front of windows while wearing the costumes and frighten homeowners.

There were more than 10 students involved in this scheme, dispersed to their homes across the Upper Midwest, which was how the monster was able to appear over such a widespread area. The young man who got busted gave the police the addresses of the other participants.

A sale photo of the mask worn by the pranksters

Many of the people whose windows the students dangled themselves in front of have decided to press charges, as they were just that terrified.

Until then, we do not know what will happen to the pranksters. They may be expelled from Marquette University (if they are ever able to once again set foot on the campus of Marquette University). 

Any new developments on this news story will be posted on The Corona Light, as I think it's hilarious.

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your answers in the comments)

Did you know about this before reading? Did you hear the reports of the monsters looking in the windows, but not know that it had been a prank executed by housebound college students?

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  1. Hmmm.... I am a proud alum of Marquette University. A little disappointing to read this. The president of the university is an outstanding man. I suspect he will deal with this appropriately.


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