Board of the lockdown, Part 2

This is a continuation of a post made yesterday.

I imagine that we're seeing an up-spike in Americans playing board games and other tabletop games due to the social distancing lockdown. I also imagine that so many people are doing this that they'd get a kick out of some helpful (and obscure) tips for playing board games.

Yesterday, I began posting good strategies I know for board games. Not that how many of the 1,000 rounds of board games we will be playing indoors until ???? that we win will help some people get out of lockdown faster than others, but here are some strategies for board games that weren't mentioned yesterday.

    • This won't really help you win the game, but if you want the memory of humorous rapid-fire guesses to really live on, record entire games on video or audio.
    • Sometimes drawing things with less complex shapes will actually make the game harder.
    • Identify the most obtainable and least obtainable trade goods based on the likelihood to roll the numbers placed on top of their hexagons. 
    • Four of any trade good can be traded in for anything you might need.
    • Aside from Jail, Illinois Avenue is the most frequently landed-on spot, so having the red color-group can really boost your potential for victory.
    • Do not buy Railroads or Utilities except to use them as trade bait.
    • This won't actually help you win the game, but if you go to Atlantic City, NJ (assuming it opens for business this summer), you may realize that there's no such place as Marvin Gardens. There is a place in Atlantic City, NJ called Marven Gardens, and it was misspelled on the first edition of the game in 1936 and never corrected.
    • The Official Scrabble Dictionary is also legal for use in Boggle.
    • The "Qu" can function as just a "Q" if you see a Q-without-U word. (Such things do exist: QI, QAT, QABALA, QAPIK, KOMATIQ, QANAT, QAID, QADI, SHEQEL, QINTAR, QINDAR, QIBLA, CINQ, QIGONG - they're all failing my spell check as I type this, but they pass in Scrabble and Boggle.)
    • Words longer than four letters are unacceptable.
    • The "Qu," though it is one die, counts as two letters.

And, while I am writing, allow me to present to you these two hilarious and unrelated images:

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your answer in the comments)

Do you know any Q-without-U words that I did not list above?