Cuddle your COVID

Say hello to Giant Microbes.
I regret to inform you that this picture is completely authentic and these toys are legitimately for sale.

These are cartoon stuffed versions of microbes that cause diseases. They're just as adorable as the real things.

And, considering you can find pages upon pages selling Giant Microbes, I imagine a lot of you are now going to place your orders for a cuddly COVID-19.

I do not encourage the purchase of a stuffed coronavirus from Giant Microbes, and I will also encourage that you wait until this lockdown is over, if it ever is, to purchase the above plushes or any other Giant Microbes, as they will not be the cozy distraction you are probably looking for.

Giant Microbes markets online in this manner:

Granted, the Food and Drug Administration sometimes uses a mascot named Wile E. Coli, who is an even more heavily anthropomorphized E. Coli than the one seen above, but at least Wile E. Coli is looking to bring us some good news on behalf of the FDA in a couple weeks.

Don't buy these until that news comes. Then you can finally relax, cuddling a plush disease-inducing microbe.

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your answers in the comments)

Does the fact that these stuffed toys are supposed to represent disease-causing microbes make them less cute?

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