Ten lines that say a lot

If I were to write a poem about my feelings during this crisis, it would probably be very long.

But if I were to write a poem in just ten lines, and tried to say as much as possible in those ten lines, it would be the following:

When this is over, 
I will hardly remember what life was like before.
I will feel as if some higher power wiped the planet down,
changing humanity into a better version of itself.
I imagine people of all colors smiling not with relief,
but with empowerment to maintain all the brightness
that they never thought they'd see again, 
but which they've never seen quite like this.
Ordinary life will look more beautiful than it ever has
when this is over.

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your responses in the comments)

When this is over, do you think you will stop taking your ordinary life for granted, now that you know that there are forces powerful enough to disrupt it?

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