There's a wild typo on the loose

Last night, within a mile of my house, I saw a display whiteboard that shows messages to residents near where I live. 

It said:
"Get your yards ready: Sring is coming."

I thought it was a typo, much like this microwave warning:
Or this notice:
Or this bucket:

Or this Amrix label:
Or this charger:
Or this card:
Or this sign for a sale:
But my friend, who was walking with me, insisted that "sring" meant something. He proposed that a "sring" or an "S-ring" may be some sort of remedial medical equipment. (The other side of the sign did, of course, have a reassuring message about the social distancing requirements.)

This is baffling me.

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your answer in the comments below)

Did you hear about anything called an "S-ring" recently? Is it a piece of medical equipment?

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