A parade of kindness

This is a true story that happened just minutes before I posted this.

For the record, I'm not truly acquainted with Graham. He lives about a football field away from me, and he's far younger.

But I found out that today was his birthday when I was doing my daily walk. I saw a number of cars that you do not normally see on residential roads, lined up systematically, and wondered what was going on.

One mom in one of the cars said that they were all going to surprise a young boy named Graham whose birthday was today. Of course, he was not able to have a party wherever he wanted to have it, much less invite all his friends to his house, and so, all his friends were going to pay a visit to him in a car brigade, and it was going to be a surprise.

They were just about to pull up to his house. I watched from a distance as the cars kept pulling around the cul-de-sac. Young children poked their heads out of sunroofs and car windows, holding up colorful pictures they had made for Graham, as he and his younger sister watched in awe. They circled around several times, handing him presents from their car windows.

It was so beautiful.

We need to show this level of kindness all the time.

CLOSING QUESTION (Leave your answers in the comments)

Have you been an in-person witness to someone going out of their way to be kind to someone else during the COVID lockdown?

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